How to Take Care of Your Eyes on Holi - Tips for a Safe and Colorful Celebration

How to Take Care of Your Eyes on Holi - Tips for a Safe and Colorful Celebration

Holi, often associated with ‘Bura Na Maano Holi Hai (Don’t feel bad it’s holi)’ or ‘Holi Kab Hai (When is Holi?)’  is the festival of colors, is a time for joy and celebration.

While playing HOLI people often take care of their skin, ears, and hair, but forget to take proper care of their eyes.

While the festive spirit often leads to enthusiastic participation in color-throwing, it's crucial to be aware of the potential consequences and take precautions, especially regarding eye safety.

Modern Holi celebrations increasingly feature synthetic chemical colors instead of traditional natural options like vegetables and flowers. These synthetic colors can have harmful effects on eyesight. Without proper eye care, one may risk infections, temporary blindness, irritation, or allergies, Eye itching, irritation, & pain.

Causes of Eye Infection during Holi:

Synthetic Colors: Synthetic colors used in Holi often contain heavy metals like lead, which can lead to conditions such as pink eye, corneal abrasions, chemical burns, or blunt eye injuries. It's advisable to avoid such colors altogether.

Green Synthetic Colors: Green synthetic colors used in Holi are known to cause fleeting blindness, a sudden loss of vision.

Mica Particles: Shining mica particles, often found in red colors, can cause damage to the cornea.

Contact Lenses: It's recommended to avoid wearing contact lenses during Holi, as colors may get trapped between the lens and the eye, leading to infections.

Preventive Measures:

Use Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops: Keep Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops handy to soothe and refresh your eyes during and after Holi celebrations. 

Wear Protective Eyewear: Before stepping out to play with colors, wear protective eyewear like sunglasses or swimming goggles to shield your eyes from direct exposure to colors and water.

Apply a Protective Layer: Apply a thin layer of coconut oil or aloe vera gel around your eyes to create a barrier that helps prevent colors from directly coming into contact with your skin and eyes. If any color accidentally gets into your eyes, avoid rubbing them. Instead, gently rinse your eyes with clean water to remove the color particles. 

Immediate Things to do if Holi Colors go into Your Eyes

Stay Calm: Avoid crowding around the person and any arguments about attributing blame at this moment.

Remove Contact Lenses: If wearing contact lenses, remove them immediately.

Rinse Eyes with Clean Water: Gently rinse your eyes with lots of clean water to remove the color particles. Use Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops to help soothe and cleanse your eyes.

Seek Medical Help: If irritation persists after flushing, experiences blurry vision, or suspects a scratch, consult an ophthalmologist immediately. Early intervention is crucial to prevent complications.

After celebrating Holi, use Eyecirque Lid Wipes to clean the area around your eyes gently. These wipes help remove any remaining color, dust, or pollutants, keeping your eyes clean and healthy.

General Tips:

Advocate for Safe Play: Encourage others to avoid throwing colors directly at the face, especially near the eyes.

Carry a Water Bottle: Having readily available clean water is essential for immediate rinsing.

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Holi!




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