Tips to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Tips to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Eye strain doesn’t discriminate! It is a problem faced by one and all in today’s digital era. Research shows that blue light emitted from our screens plays havoc on the sleep cycle. If you are looking to bid adieu to those tired, gloomy eyes, here are some tips:

● Be in a distance relation with your screen: Keep distance, just the way you did to not catch up Covid-19. Maintaining a distance of an arm’s length between you and the screen is what the ophthalmologists suggest.Always use eyeglasses with blue light filters. This piece of advice is for everyone, irrespective of the health status of your sight. Make sure that the brightness of your device is at par with the ambient light, opposite of which causes strain to the eyes.

● Make pals with under-eye gels: For eyes that are too stressed due to hectic work schedules, give them the care they deserve by using under-eye gels that give you that nourished dewy look. Placing refrigerated cucumber slices or cold compress over your eyes after a long day of screen exposure soothes them. Try this magic trick, and thank us later. 

● Cling to balanced diet and supplements: As always, eating nutritious food is a must. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins is enough to suffice the nutrient requirement for good eye health. Nonetheless, we all can draw some inspiration from our favorite Bugs Bunny to munch on carrots whenever we can. For the fussy eaters and those who can’t take some downtime to prepare a healthy diet, consuming supplements with a combination of ingredients like lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc, vitamin B1 and C, and omega-3 fatty acids is a feasible option.

● Keep your eyes hydrated: Just as hydration of your skin is indispensable, why skip your eyes from this regime! Eyes tend to dry out due to extended screen time. Lubricating your eyes with artificial tears is a great way to keep them moist. Research shows that people blink less when staring at a screen, resulting in dry eyes so remember to blink!

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