Why are my eyes tired even after sleeping?

Why are my eyes tired even after sleeping?

Are you constantly worried about your under-eye issues? Do your eyes always look tired despite having a sound sleep of 8 hours a day or having a balanced healthy diet? Don’t fret, we feel you! The most annoying thing about the whole issue is people pointing it out and advising you to catch some good sleep. Weird, right?

We at Eyecirque believe that usually, tiredness and lack of sleep are considered to be the demons that provoke issues under the eye. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Let us know what are the exceptions and what triggers the delicate area:


Minute particles like pollen or pet hair when coming in contact with the eyes, our body tends to produce chemicals called histamine. Histamine dilates the blood vessels in the under-eye area and increases blood flow. The entire process causes inflammation and ultimately leads to tiredness in the eye and you wake up with puffiness or dark circles. 


Lack of water is directly proportional to a lack of energy in the body and it is directly reflected in one's eyes. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and dehydration causes exhaustion and swelling in the under-eye area. So, it won’t help if you are sleeping for hours but not consuming enough water. 

Unhealthy foods

Excessive salt intake provokes water retention in the body. Fluid retention stretches the delicate skin around the eyes and makes them look devastated. Another such hindrance is caffeine. A cup of coffee is good for kick-starting the day but more than 4-5 cups encourage eye swelling and dehydrate us till we look tired and exhausted. Switch this with a cup of green tea. 


Straining to see far away objects or spending hours day and night on various screens can strain your eyes. Ultimately it dilates blood vessels and results in dark circles or puffy eyes. Get in touch with your eye doctor for a perfect pair of glasses to avoid troubling the under-eye area. 

If you can’t catch up with these exceptions, use Eyecirque. This under eye gel serum can help you not only to get rid of dark circles, but this serum will also help you rejuvenate your under eye skin area.

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