Eyecirque Kids Gummies FAQs

1. What is the dosage of Eyecirque Kids Gummies?
  • Two gummies can be taken every day with food.
2. Are these gummies safe for children?
  • Eyecirque Kids Gummies are specially designed with kids in mind using ingredients with proven safety in children. The amount of every ingredient in each gummy is also carefully decided as per the RDA value for children.
3.  Do these gummies have any unpleasant aftertaste?
  • The natural flavourings of orange and strawberry used in Eyecirque Kids Gummies ensure that there is no unpleasant or nasty aftertaste. These gummies have been designed keeping in mind a child’s palate.
4.  Can adults consume these gummies?
  • Eyecirque Kids Gummies are specifically intended for children. However, if adults above 18 years of age do want to take them, the dosage would be 4 gummies a day.
5.  Can these gummies be used with other medicine(s) ?
  • Eyecirque Kids Gummies are known to be safe to consume with other medicines.
6. Do these gummies have any animal protein? Are they vegetarian or vegan?
  • Eyecirque Kids Gummies are 100% plant-based and are suitable for both vegetarian and vegan children. 
7. Could Eyecirque Kids Gummies cause cavities?
  • If taken by the recommended dosage of two a day, these gummies should not lead to cavities if oral hygiene is maintained properly.
8. What age is appropriate for kids to start taking these gummies?
  • Children’s above 5 years of age can start taking Eyecirque Kids Gummies.
9. Should Eyecirque Kids Gummies be stored a certain way?
  • It is important to store Eyecirque Kids Gummies in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. Excessive heat or moisture could cause gummies to degrade or stick together.
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