Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops FAQs

1. How to use Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops?
  • Sit back and relax
  • Instil one drop of Eyecirque eye drops into each eye
  • Close your eyes for 30 seconds.
  • Open to Refreshed, Rehydrated & Rejuvenated eyes
  • Take regular breaks from screens

2. How many times do I have to use these eye drops?

  • Instil 1 drop into each eye as needed. In some cases of severe eye dryness these eye drops can even be used upto 6 times a day.

3. Do I need to puncture the nozzle of the eye drop bottle before use?

  • No, this is a pre-punctured open-nozzle specialised smart bottle system that does not need to be punctured.

4. Why do these eye drops comes in a white cylindrical bottle?

  • Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops come in a protective airtight smart bottleย with an intelligent design system powered by Noveliaยฎ (Nemera, France)ย to ensure sterility at all times without the need to add any preservative and allow the delivery of consistent and controlled drops.

5. What is the preservative used in Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops?

  • Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops are completely PRESERVATIVE FREE that strictly maintains its sterility (no bacterial, fungal or viral contamination) in the bottle for 60 days after opening.

6. What can I use Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops for?

  • Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops are designed to fight the sensation of dryness, discomfort and irritation of the eyes due to contact lens wear, prolonged exposure to computer/LED screens, air-conditioning, dust, pollution, smoke and sunlight. It gently moisturises the surface of your eyes, allowing them to feel refreshed, hydrated and rejuvenated.

7. Can these eye drops be used to treat glaucoma?

  • Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops cannot be used to treat glaucoma. Anti-glaucoma eye drops are prescription-only eye drops, and you will need to visit an eye doctor for the same.

8. Can the eye drops treat the redness of my eyes and make my eyeballs white?

  • Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops can relieve eye redness due to dry and strained eyes. However if you have any sticky or watery discharge from the eyes or are experiencing continuously itchy eyes, then you may be suffering from eye flu, in which case you need to visit an eye doctor.

9. Can these eye drops improve my vision?

  • Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops can help relieve dry, strained and irritated eyes. For vision enhancement, you can purchase Eyecirqueโ€™s Essential Eye Supplement. For all our customers we recommend visiting an eye doctor at least once a year for a routine checkup.

10. Can these eye drops get rid of my cataracts?

  • Eyecirque Lubricating Eye Drops cannot get rid of cataracts. For this you will need to consult an eye doctor.

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